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  • General Questions

  • What sort of equipment will I require?  This varies enormously, but our engineers can decide what is best for you and advise initially on the phone and then on a site visit if necessary.
  • Can I have heating as well as cooling?  Yes, we can provide a system that does both and will not cost you too much more.
  • How long will the installation take?  Again this will vary according to the size of the job, but you will be advised of the approximate length of installation time when ordering.
  • Are the units easy to control?  Yes, either by a wall mounted control or remote control.  It will all be explained at time of fitting.
  • Can the work be done outside office hours?  Yes, we can work at a time that suits you - costs will be adjusted accordingly.

  • About Us

    • Where are you located? We are in Loose near Maidstone in Kent.
    • What are your hours? Days, Nights, Weekends - whichever suits the customer.
    • Do you charge for estimates? No
    • Are there any references I can contact about your work? Yes, references can be provided on request.

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