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New European F-Gas regulations

Since July 2007 it has been compulsory that your air conditioning system meets the stringent new Government standards. But don’t panic there is an easy way to have your system checked out.
Chill Out's team are fully trained experts are able to advise on the new regulations, which were enforced in the UK in July 2011.
We can also provide you with an effective  quarterly service/maintenance programme with the following advantages:
  • Save yourself from Potential Fines
  • Cut Environmental Emissions
  • Ensure your system is in Perfect Working Order
  • Save money on costly parts

Chill Out Ltd can offer integrated and versatile solutions that can cut energy consumption for any commercial, retail, office or home user.

VRV Systems offering complete control
to create the perfect temperature, fresh air flow and humidity balance.
An integrated heat recovery approach can reduce your running costs and COemissions. Your comfort can be maximised without wasting energy.
A Climate Control system can be tailored to your exact building needs.

VRV offers an integrated approach to heating, cooling and ventilation within medium to large buildings.  This means that waste heat from indoor units in cooling mode, can be re-used to produce heat to other rooms - offering major increases in energy efficiency and reductions in carbon emissions. A zone by zone, user friendly control strategy means that you can adjust individual comfort settings in each room and practice smart energy management.



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